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I was told I would complete my Ph.D. in 18-24 months and had "plenty of money left in my FAFSA account" to pay the fees. Everything went fairly well until I reached the actual dissertation courses. From that time on, I felt like I was getting the run-around. Nothing I had been told was true. The supposed "21-day turn-around time" to receive documents back would turn into 30-45 days at a time, all the while I am still paying for the next... Read more

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Be Away of NCU. They are joking and getting more and more money for nothing. They will kick you out of the university at any time. Your GPA is not important for them. Your score is not important. They are not aware about you time or money. You will waste your time or money to earn nothing. No one will hear to you claim. Many case in the court but in vain. It was my badest decision in my life. I could not be able to do anything. You will not be... Read more

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For those of you thinking of obtaining a graduate degree, online programs seem to be a convenience solution for working adults. However, not all online schools are alike. Most are private institutions that are about making money rather than providing a quality education. Northcentral University (NCU) is one such case. NCU is a for profit business owned by a private equity firm. The focus of NCU is revenue generation derived from continuous... Read more

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I was going to NCU for my Master in education, I was two courses from the degree my GPA was 2 pt behind and they kick my out of school, no second changes. They said I can come back taking another major, do that make sense. All the money and time I put into these courses why would I want to start all over with something I do not seek an career in? Not very happy, other campuses said they would of never threw me out of school because of being 2... Read more

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I have experienced the same problem as the rest in this forum. My chair was clearly not equipped to fairly critique my concept paper. She gave a different critique with every submission. Some of the feedback took longer than the prescribed time, and when I requested for samples of concept papers that were approved, she referred me to a one-page document. I would like to know if a class action has been initiated by anyone, or if those in this... Read more

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Be careful with NCU, classes are added without your knowledge before you complete the class you are in and if you do not drop the class before three days you got a whopping 3,000.00 bill. Instead of complaining we should all get together and file a class action lawsuit. This is not fair at all. I'm not sure how this school was accredited by AAMFT, what would have to me if I would bill a client without his or her knowledge??? Read more

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My experience includes assisting 200+ Phd candidates from Concept Papers through completed dissertation. I am an expert in the dissertation process and have the advantage of assisting students through dozens of different programs. I am drafting this review out of outrage and sorrow for several of my clients. While this is simply an opinion, it is based on first-hand experience. There appears to be no way to get passed the Concept Paper stage... Read more

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Lack of professional, competent, and consistent PHD Pyschology program. Do yourself a favor and consider a real graduate!

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Good afternoon, Colleagues! I, too, am a victim of NCU! In my time here, I have had 3 chairs...the first not worth discussing because it appears from her feedback, which was vague and rare, that she was there to collect a paycheck; a second who was great...but got promoted, and a third, who was not interested in working...but got the check! You know what else? This lady has a dissertation consulting firm!!! Talk about a royal conflict in... Read more

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This was the worst decision that I've made in my life and I would like to get as many people together to share their experiences and create a class-action lawsuit! Like many others I have a high GPA and was moving along until the dissertation phase. I'm on my second Chair and it's impossible to get her on the phone and my academic advisor on the phone, who happens to be pretty useless. This organization, I refuse to call it a school, it set-up... Read more

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