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I decided to go to this online university in hopes of getting my bachelor's degree.The first semester went okay.

In the middle of the second semester, I was unable to log in to my courses. I called the school and was told that I would receive an email regarding the situation. I was dismissed from the university for something I was utterly clueless about! They made me dispute the situation.

On top of everything, they are still telling me I have to pay the remaining balance on my account. Paying for school means that you are putting your money towards a good education. I was dismissed on no reasonable grounds (which they could not prove), and still required to pay the balance. It makes no sense.

I'm currently disputing the situation to smooth it out.

I can only cross my fingers that the issue is resolved, because I'm not going to stand for a university with this much of a lack of respect for their students.

Stay away from this university.My experience was terrible.

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17 of 17 Ncu Reviews

Jun 14, 2014

I am having a similar experience. It takes 21 days each time my mentor looks at my concept paper. I had a professional dissertation consultant take a look and he sent me an article titled Supervisor Bullying. The whole program has consisted of me writing papers, with very little interaction with mentors much less other learners, but I am living in Vietnam and had limited options. DON'T ENROLL AT NCU!

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Feb 27, 2014

Similar situation with me. Got all the way to the Dis process and found my mentors were not educated enough to understand the theory I was using, a theory used over 400 times. I should have caught a clue when in my foundation work my mentors didn’t seem to be experts in the field (Applied Computer Science). They focused totally on grammar and not content. I finally ran out of money and they were “OK, see ya.”
I was stuck for 3 years in the Dis process and the last six months had my paper reviewed twice. Four times in a year. I sat waiting to hear from the reviewers. It would take me a week to two weeks to revise my paper and then I’d sit and wait… A student should be able to have their submission reviewed no less than once a month, if that had happened I’d be done. Save your money and go somewhere else.

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Feb 27, 2014

Hello HoganB.
I am sorry to hear about your experience here at NCU.
Have you spoken with Dr. Melanie Shaw, the University Ombudsperson? Please feel free to contact Dr. Shaw directly at She would be happy discuss your concerns regarding your dissertation experience(s).
In addition, you may contact me at or 480.710.6843.
Take care,
Alanna Vitucci Director, Communications and Alumni Relations Northcentral University

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Feb 28, 2014

Hello Alanna,
What about the rest of us who experienced similar situations like HoganB's over the past few years? My direct experience leads me to believe that raising concerns has had little to no benefit for the student. In fact, it hastens the student's dismissal from NCU. Is this just a token show of concern while NCU is staging itself to be sold to yet another equity group that cares more about profits than student outcomes? And don't bother pretending to care about me as a former NCU student. I took my research elsewhere and graduated from a school where the research professors were real research professors with computer science in their backgrounds.

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Jan 25, 2014 Rockledge, Florida

I wish I had seen these comments before I began a program with NCU. I was in the Ed.d program for almost 4 years and never got anywhere. I only had the first 2 chapters approved. It was impossible to get past that because of chair changes and differences of opinions between professors. If anyone does a suit, please let me know!

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Sep 04, 2014

Me too i had the worse experience of my life. They only care about money when you have a real isuues no one care. Sadly I'm still there because I would lose time and money to transfer. I made it clear to them that I will talk about it and I do every chance I have and you have no idea how many students they lost with my word of mouth. believe me this company ( I would not call it a university) is going out of business for their bad beaviours

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Aug 08, 2013

I have not even started a class and they refuse to talk to me and return emails.

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Aug 08, 2013 Scottsdale, Arizona

Hello, I noticed the post from a few minutes ago and would like to help. I am the Sr. Director of Student Services at NCU and I would love to speak with you. Please feel free to contact at 602-710-8916 or Thank you

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Jul 24, 2013

Northcentral Univesity is the WORSE school I have EVER had to deal with. Their policies and rules are *** and make no sense what so ever. If you have any problems you can only talk to the professor and then the dean and that is it. It does not go higher than that. My professor is a *** and the whole school should be shut down. They have no real professors they are just an organized mess that feeds on getting your money. If you want a real education, DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL FOR IT IS A SCAM AND A BED OF MESS!!!! :(

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Teresa Kelso

Dec 04, 2012

Current student at NCU. They definitely will take your financial aid, not return your phone calls, and attempt to charge you a ton of money. I had a death in my family and severe water damage to my home all while my husband was deployed, just as I was about to finish with a class. I applied to receive a two-week extension on my class and was turned down explanation whatsoever. When I signed up to retake the course, I was charge $2260 and could not move on until the entire balance was paid. Be careful if you sign up with these guys. They are NOT military friendly!!!

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Dec 03, 2012

Andy -- if you are serious about the class action suit, please leave your contact information.

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Jun 23, 2013

I would be interested in hearing more about a class action suit. I am a current student at NCU. I'm in my 8th year and I've been working on my DP for the past 4 because of changes in chairs, policies, well changes in everything. I can't make it through chapter 1 without hearing about a new policy or form.

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Jul 09, 2013

Sry Mad, you are not eligible for any kind of lawsuit. Read your student guide carefully. NCU has insulated itself legally by changes to the student guide, which you are by default legally bound to regardless of your knowledge of the guide or the fact that NCU frequently changes it. Per the guide, arbitration is your only avenue to resolve grievences between NCU and a current student. Guess who wins during arbritration? If you answered "Student", guess again. Prospective students should understand that Mad's situation is the norm at NCU, not the exception.

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Dec 03, 2012

I can guarantee that the only thing that this for-profit school cares about is the number of students they get to initially enroll. They get your financial aid money and then screw everything else. Good luck to any poor *** who falls into their empty promises.

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Nov 27, 2012

My experiences have made me to draw the conclusion that all online schools are crappy and are operated by greedy, wide-mouth money-hungry entrepreneurs who could careless whether an individual graduates or not so long as they have succeded in making a buck off you.I graduated with a Masters in Business in a traditional school before soiling my records with a PhD attempt at Northcentral. My dog will never be encouraged to apply to such a disgraceful school.By the way I am talking to a lawyer. Anybody wanna join a class action suit?

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Feb 14, 2013 Stafford, Virginia

I too attend NCU and was charged with an ethical violation. The ethical violation mounted to improper in-text citing. I spoke to a financial officer and she stated that if I withdrew from the program, I would have a balance due. In a traditional setting, if a student withdraws from school, then there is no balance due. NCU is a crooked organization. It probably run by the mafia. It sounds like the NCU is defrauding the government.

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Jun 01, 2013 Tokyo, Tokyo

I totally agree. I was enrolled in the Docoral program nd they ripped me off financialy and kicked me to the curb. I'm interested in class action suit.

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disgruntled NCU PhD student

Nov 07, 2012

I also have a 4.0 and have never felt so disrespected as I do with this University. Don't fall into the cheap, no residency BS. run and spend your money at a school that is serious about its learners.

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current NCU student and hating

Nov 07, 2012

I am currently enrolled in the PhD program at NorthCentral and hate it. The mentors don't return your phone calls and basically have no contact. I agree with this writer, this school is a money pit and not a fair school. I have heard this story many times by others. Take his warning and save your money. It will be the best decision you ever made. Trust me, I'm trying to transfer to a better University after I finish my current class.

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